Friday, July 18, 2008

Change Log for Open Source Church Management System

Change Log for Open Source Church Management

Created tblFamilies Table, Table Adapter, and Business Logic Layer

It took 40 minutes to create all three of these. There are around 20 tables in the current design leading to 13.333 etc hours of work if every table takes 40 minutes. This still leaves the pages to actually put data into these tables.

Created tblPeople and PeopleInFamily tables, also edited tblFamilies to add some fields, including ShelbyFamilyID to be used to import date from Shelby.

Deleted PeopleInFamily table, Added FamilyID and FamilyPosition fields to tblPeople and removed a few fields duplicated from tblFamily. I am designing as I build this.

Created tblStates, found a list of US states with postal abbreviations and imported this data into tblStates.

Created tblFamilyPositions, I have had to re-consider what data goes in this table. I don’t really like what using Head of Household says about hierarchy in families, but only having husband and wife does not work for single people who live alone.
Created tblImages, to reference images used by the program.

Created tblGroups to hold information about all kinds of groups.

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