Thursday, April 29, 2010

Healthcare and the failure of the Church

Without seeming to be bitter of jaded, I believe God intended for the Church to be the primary institution that takes care of the poor, sick, and needy, and that the church has failed in this mandate, and it is only because of the failure of the church to be what God intended that the Government has had to step in and take up this mandate.

Granted this failure of the church is not universal, many denominations build hospitals etc... that provide free or low cost care to those in need, but as a general rule the church has stopped being a place even members can go to have their needs met.

I hope your church is different than those I have experienced but honestly I doubt it. Here is a simple question to test this: Does your your church offer health insurance to its part time employees that have no other source of health insurance? The last church I attended and worked for did NOT. Your church may not have part time employees so this may not apply, but you can still ask if they WOULD offer this insurance if they did have part time employees.

If the church is not even willing to take care of the health care needs of those who work for it, you can be sure they are not going to be willing to pay the medical bills of members who cannot afford to pay them, not to mention people who are not even part of that particular church.

If the Church will not take care of the poor and needy as God intended by providing for their physical health care needs than someone else is going to have to. In this case the Government has decided that they are willing.

I think it is nothing less than immoral to first refuse as a church to do our duty by the poor and oppressed by providing for their health care and then add insult to injury by opposing those who are willing to take up that duty for us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why I Support the Healthcare Reform Bill - part one, the one sided conversation.

The other day my wife commented that no one she knows from our friends and family supports the healthcare reform bill and that got me to wondering why. Why do so many “Christians” oppose a bill that does something I see as a moral imperative, providing affordable healthcare to millions of Americans who otherwise could not ever hope to afford it.

One of my conclusions was that people are not hearing from those who support the bill, only from those who oppose it. None of my friends or family except my wife would know from what I have said that I support this bill, and perhaps there are more people like me in our circle of acquaintances. People who don’t like to argue and so just keep quiet when the topic comes up. In other words, the people who oppose the healthcare reform bill are talking louder than those who support it, perhaps because they are angry that they lost and we are not angry because we won.

I am going to post a small series of blogs about why I support the president and the healthcare reform bill. I figure this is America and healthy respectful dialog should be something I can expect from my friends and family no matter what the issue is that is being discussed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My dogs and my kid




My dogs and my kid ;-)

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

2nd degree condemnation

I have problems with people who think other people are going to hell simply because those other people don't think some 3rd set of other people are going to hell.

I hope that makes sense.