Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why I Support the Healthcare Reform Bill - part one, the one sided conversation.

The other day my wife commented that no one she knows from our friends and family supports the healthcare reform bill and that got me to wondering why. Why do so many “Christians” oppose a bill that does something I see as a moral imperative, providing affordable healthcare to millions of Americans who otherwise could not ever hope to afford it.

One of my conclusions was that people are not hearing from those who support the bill, only from those who oppose it. None of my friends or family except my wife would know from what I have said that I support this bill, and perhaps there are more people like me in our circle of acquaintances. People who don’t like to argue and so just keep quiet when the topic comes up. In other words, the people who oppose the healthcare reform bill are talking louder than those who support it, perhaps because they are angry that they lost and we are not angry because we won.

I am going to post a small series of blogs about why I support the president and the healthcare reform bill. I figure this is America and healthy respectful dialog should be something I can expect from my friends and family no matter what the issue is that is being discussed.

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