Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Studying jQuery

I ordered a new programming book today from Amazon: jQuery Novice to Ninja


I will do a review here when it has arrived and I have read it.

One of my personal life goals is to never stop learning new things. As such I have been looking for something new to learn about in the programming area. I looked into studying Ruby on Rails but I have so much time and energy put into Microsoft technologies at this point that I knew I was not going to switch over. I also considered getting a book on .net 4.0 but really wanted to study something new. jQuery seemed like the perfect choice. It is a technology I do not yet know but that I know I will use a lot in my web programming if I learn it.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day Church service

Kristen, Kati and I have started attending First Family Church in Maize http://firstfamilywichita.org (meets at the Maize middle school at 10am) and really feel at home here.

(Pastor Mark)

One of the distinctive things about First Family is that they take a few minutes out of each service for a family interactive time where a family can sit together and answer some age appropriate questions about the weeks topic.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I am growing to be more of a pragmatist as I grow older. I see the world less and less as straight black and white and find even the bible actually is full of what I would call grey or perhaps colorful stories. Stories of justified (or not) mass murder etc done by the seeming good guys without the bible condemning them and this does not even consider the stories where God seemingly orders genecide. Stories where the hero is a prostitute who harbors spies who eventutally bring an army and kill everyone in her city but her and her family.

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Living the dream or not

My friend Ike is about my age and is pursuing living his dream.

This is Ike playing at first Friday tonight.

I don't know if I am pursuing living my dream or not. Somehow it does not feel like I fully am. I love being a husband and a dad. But sometimes it does not feel like enough to fill a life. I just do not know if my life is telling the best possible story it could be to refrence Donald Miller.

I think a big part of this is that I WAS living my dream job in a lot of ways when I was working for my former church and then they laid me off and I have felt a little lost ever since. I don't think I know what my dream is anymore.

One more pic of Ike who is playing a great set and who I admire for knowing what his dream is and having the courage to live it.