Monday, June 22, 2009

Nebo Station

Like many other geeks I have a liking for Sci-fi. I also have a love of reading and have at times tried my hand at writing a bit of Sci-fi. Mostly I struggle with where to go with a plot, after all I need conflict but what kind of evil horrible person would want to harm my wonderful lovable characters? I just have trouble even imaging such a person. :-)

Anyway, as an exercise in creative writing I am going to try to write a short sci-fi story over the next two weeks, writing and posting a new portion of the story every day.

Disclaimer: This is pre-first draft, live without a net material. As such it may have bad grammer, spelling, mis-directed plot lines, etc. This is not an invitation to proof read and correct my work. If the story is good enough I may do that eventually but not now. Feel free to comment but please be nice.

Copywrite: The universe, characters, ships, stations, etc are copywrited by Keith Rowley and all rights are reserved.

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