Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nebo Station - Part 2

The chain of events that lead to my being here, a little over two weeks into a series of short hop hyperspace jumps while hunting for a ghost ship I knew was out there somewhere but could not pinpoint the location of, had started a number of years ago during the war.

I joined the SpaceForce in my mid twenties after having already spent a couple years as a freighter pilot and advanced rapidly because of my previous experience. At what I consider to have been the height of my SpaceForce career I was third pilot out of eight on the Mothership Class Carrier Durement Nebo. We ran two pilots at time, with shifts running four hours on, four off, four on, twelve off. Each pilot would fly with two others during a day, and shifts would overlap by one hour. None of that is really important now, I just enjoy reminiscing about those days once in a while.

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