Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why go to Church?

Why is it important to "go to church"? Honest question.

If you attend church (on Sunday morning or some other time) why do you do so?

I love the community of my Monday night men's group. I am also challenged and fed spiritually by this group. Recently this hasn't really been true about Sunday morning Church services. In fact I can't really say it's been true of Sunday "church" for a long time and multiple congregations I have been a part of over the last several years.

I wish Sunday "church" was more like Monday men's group. I am struggling to define why I keep going to church on Sunday when overall it is not deepening my spiritual life, and I have become more and more convinced over the years that what we call church is an unbiblical model that is generally ineffective for making and growing disciples of Jesus Christ.

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