Saturday, December 13, 2008


eJOn Edmiston posted a great response to a little rant I put in his comments wondering why Arena was not open sourced. Here is a link to his post

And you should really check out his blog in general

I have re-posted a comment I made in response to that post below, and hi-lighted the part about creating a "competing" open source church management solution.

Thank You so much for the response.

I did not realize when I posted the "rant" on the comment that your church was the one who created Arena.

Given the continuing support you would have felt compelled to provide your decision makes a lot of sense. It is just frusterating to be the IT guy at a church of 500 looking for a new church management system and realize there is no way we could ever afford the best system out there, the one with all the features we could REALLY use and\or want. Honestly even for a "small" church no other system really comes close to matching the features of Arena so good job. And thanks for deciding not to just keep the project in house but to share it with the world.

All that being said if there are people reading this who would like to join me in creating an open source church management system for the rest of us, probably based off a Dot Net Nuke backend, please let me know.

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