Monday, August 4, 2008

Importing Data From Shelby Systems

Today I did most of the Spark, caught up on email, and did the following work on the new CHMS:

Worked on Creating the Ability to Import People and Families from Shelby, this included creating Data Access and BLL layers for the needed Shelby tables, and new methods in several of the BLL Classes along with some Data Access methods to go with them.

Fortunately, Shelby stored its data in a SQL Server database as well, so I was able to shutdown SQL server on our Server computer, make copies of the database files, re-start SQL server, bring the copied files to my computer, and attach them to my local SQL Server Express edition. Thus I can work with the Shelby database without having to connect to the actuall database on the server, and thus risk data, or kick other people out.

I may eventually work on a way to move updated data back and forth, but for now, getting data out of Shelby and into the new system is enough of a challenge.

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