Friday, May 2, 2008

Solution to Calendar problem

I solved my calendar problem today and the calendar for the website is up and live at

One of the requirements I had for a calendar on the website was that the computer automatically do all the updating based on events from our current Shelby calendar. I struggled and struggled to be able to make this happen, and in the end it just wasn't going to be worth the time or effort to create this in order to not have to update the calendar every week or so. The final straw was that the start times in the second table I needed to export were not stored as a date time value. (see my previous post on this.) So I gave up and decided to use Google calendar for our website. Shelby has a feature that allows a person to export a calendar date range to Excel and I then modified the excel doc to have the correct column order and headers, saved as a csv file, and imported this into google calendar. From there adding the google calendar to our website was simple.

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